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Find a Club - Search Tips and Info
  1. There are two ways to search for a club
    Choose any one of the two options to begin searching
    • By region and area
    • By zip code
    Once you choose a way to search, the results can be further narrowed if you are looking for a particular special feature. Just click the boxes of the special features you are interested in before hitting the "search" button.
  2. Try to be as specific as possible
    If you know the zip code of the area you wish to search this may yield the most helpful results. If you know you are looking for a particular special feature, be sure to select it before hitting the "search" button.
  3. The mile radius/distance option can help
    If you enter a zip code but aren't getting the desired results, you may want to select a larger mile radius to expand the search. Since there are cities with more than one zip code in them, increasing the radius may render more helpful results.
  4. Search results are organized by how they are requested
    Results for a region/area search will be listed alphanumerically. Results for a zip code search will be listed by distance (closest to furthest away).
  5. Results will give information about special features
    On the results page, the special features listed can be clicked on for more info. If a feature is selected, a pop-up box will come up on the screen that offers specific information to that club—as info is available. For some features such as baby-sitting, it is best to call the club directly to get more specific info—such as operating hours. The pop-up box will alert you to this fact. This info will be as updated as frequently as possible, but we recommend that you contact the clubs to confirm.