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Since we started back in 1974 we've been asked many questions. Questions like "Can I freeze my membership?" "May I bring a guest?" and "What does this lever do?" Here are some frequently asked questions and other helpful information about our clubs and memberships. Can't find what you're looking for? Please feel free to contact us or inquire at a club.

  1. Membership types
  2. Membership procedures
  3. What to wear. Where to put it.
  4. Fitness programs
  5. Baby-sitting
  6. Pools
  7. Kids’ programs
  8. Payments/refunds FAQ
  9. Stuff that may never come up
  10. Age Requirements
  11. Cell Phone and Camera Use
  12. Gift Certificates
  13. Pro Shop/Desk Purchase
  14. Smoke-Free Environment
  1. Membership types

    Here are the types of memberships and what each offers.

    • Passport Premium Membership
      Unlimited use of every NYSC, BSC, WSC and PSC (including our two Premium clubs) anytime they’re open.
    • Passport Membership
      Unlimited use of every NYSC, BSC, WSC and PSC. Use of our two Premium clubs, BSC Waltham and BSC Wellesley, requires an additional fee.
    • Regional Passport Membership
      Unlimited use of any Sports Club within a single region, plus use of every NYSC, BSC, WSC and PSC during off-peak hours. Use of clubs outside your region during peak hours requires an additional fee which will appear on your monthly statement.
    • Core Membership
      The Core membership offers unlimited access to a single club. Core members who wish to access a different club other than their home club will be charged a usage fee per visit to a non-home club, regardless of the time of day or day of the week. This additional fee will appear on your monthly statement.
    • Junior Membership
      This year-round, month-to-month membership is available for active students ages 14-17. Memberships allows club access to a single club of your choosing during all operating hours EXCEPT 4:30pm-7:30pm, Monday-Thursday, otherwise a usage fee applies. Proof of age and proof of active student status is required. Not sold at all locations.
    • Charter Membership
      Special pre-opening rates offered for new clubs. Unlimited use of the new club, plus use of any other Sports Club during off-peak hours. Use of other clubs during peak hours and use of our two premium clubs requires an additional fee.
    • Membership Terms
      • One-Year Commit Membership
        Get a reduced rate if you commit to a minimum of 12 months' membership. After the year is over, your membership continues until you decide to end it by giving us 30 days' notice. Please see your membership agreement for further details.
      • Month-to-Month Membership
        Get maximum flexibility. You can end your membership at any time by giving us 30 days' notice. Please see your membership agreement for further details.
  2. Membership procedures

    Here are just a few pointers about using your membership ID tag and entering the club. Observing these rules helps ensure the best possible experience for everyone.

    • Do I need to swipe my key tag every time I enter?
      Yes, please. It's in your best interest for many reasons. It improves security by distinguishing you from nonmembers. It verifies the unique access privileges you've paid for, protecting the value of your membership. It allows us to monitor total club usage and add staff when attendance spikes. And last, if you'd like to know how often you used our clubs (say for tax or insurance purposes), it makes printing a usage report easier.
    • Can I loan my key tag to anyone?
      Sorry, but we don't permit that. Allowing someone else to use your key tag will result in immediate termination of your membership. Unfortunately, one strike and you're out.
    • Can I bring a guest?
      Sure. Generally, guest fees are $15 for IHRSA club members and guests accompanied by TSI members and $30 for all others. All they need is a picture ID. Guest passes are available at all club locations. Depending on the type of guest pass and when it was purchased, fees may vary.
    • Do all clubs have their own parking?
      Some clubs offer parking, but this varies depending on the location. Before using a club for the first time, you may want to call ahead about parking and transportation specifics. Your pulse should rise from doing cardio, not from finding a ticket on your windshield.
  3. What to wear. Where to put it.

    We don't issue demerits for dress code violations, but to ensure a positive experience for all, there are a few simple rules. Plus, several options for cleaning and storage of your clothes after you work out.

    • What attire is allowed/not allowed?
      A shirt and shorts or sweat pants, and closed-toe athletic shoes must be worn at all times on the courts and in the fitness and exercise areas. Jeans, work boots, and other nonathletic attire are not permitted in the fitness/exercise areas.
    • Are there lockers?
      Yes, and they're free during hours of operation. Just bring your own lock. Also, self-serve lock boxes for valuables are available for one-day use. The price? A quarter! If you want to leave your stuff with us overnight, you can rent a locker on a month-to-month basis. The fee is nonrefundable and the locker is nontransferable. Anything left inside a locker after the rental has expired will be donated or discarded. Sorry, but we're not responsible for anything left in the locker.
    • Is there laundry service?
      In some clubs, laundry service is available to members who rent a locker. We're not liable for damage to clothing, so you may want to leave your vintage T-shirts at home.
    • Are towels provided?
      Practically all clubs provide complimentary towels. Before your first visit, you may want to call the club or refer to its page on this site.
  4. Fitness programs

    Here's the important part - what the clubs offer. Familiarize yourself with these few rules and suggestions and help keep it great for everyone.

    • How can I safely use the fitness equipment?
      Our equipment spans a wide range. There's enough in our clubs to satisfy everyone from Olympians to someone rehabilitating themselves. Please observe these basic rules for a safe, productive workout.
      1. Please hold handrails when stepping on or off treadmills, ellipticals, stair climbers, arc trainers, and other equipment.
      2. Do not get on or off equipment when it's moving.
      3. Don't hesitate to use the emergency stop buttons or lanyards when using treadmills.
      4. Always look forward when using equipment that moves. Looking back or to the side throws off your balance.
      5. Grab the handrails and press the stop button if you feel weak or lose your balance when using treadmills.
      6. Try to stay centered on all equipment.
      7. Change the speed of your workout program gradually.
      8. Always ask a fellow member or one of our fitness trainers to spot you when lifting weights.
      9. Don't push beyond your abilities.
      10. Set up your music or video before starting a workout machine.
      11. Please know that you're always welcome to ask a personal trainer to show you how to use any piece of equipment.
      12. If you notice that something is out of place, please bring it to our attention and we'll be happy to correct it.
      13. For the safety of other members, please turn off all machines when you are done using them.
    • What should I bring to group exercise class?
      Besides unabashed enthusiasm? Just water and a towel. All equipment is provided. Please tell your instructor if you have any medical conditions or are expecting. For classes that don't require reservations, space is first come, first serve and you may not save a spot for a friend. For safety reasons, we recommend that you do not enter a class after it has begun. Please be quiet and respectful outside of the studio. Lastly, it's crucial – and sometimes mandatory – that you have fun.
    • Are class reservations recommended?
      These classes are very popular, so if a scheduled class is preceded by an asterisk (*), yes. Reservations are recommended for all classes. Reservations can be made online at or in person at the club Welcome Desk. Please note that online reservations require that you create an account. Class reservations can be made starting 26 hours in advance of the class. Reservations are forfeited 2 minutes before class begins. Only club members may reserve classes. Members may only reserve classes for themselves. You may cancel your reservation up to one hour before the class begins at the Welcome Desk or online. If a class is full, members may add their name to the “wait list” and they will be given priority for unclaimed reservations at the start of the class.
    • How do I schedule personal training or massage?
      Appointments for personal training or massages can be made through the fitness office by phone or at the club desk and are not transferable or refundable. To cancel without being charged, you must give us 24 hours' notice. Packages are sold as services by the clubs and are not associated with any particular representative. Certain packages may be redeemed only at select clubs. All packages are subject to expiration.
    • How do I get into small group training?
      Just register and pay for the session and you'll be added to the roster. To register, either call 888.412.2231 or go online. Prices include four sessions at a set time, day, and location. Makeup sessions are not guaranteed, and sessions are nonrefundable. You can transfer into another program once the session has started, but additional charges may apply. All transfers are subject to availability. To request a transfer, call at 888.412.2231. (Transfers cannot be done online.)
    • How do I prep for cycling?
      No one was born on one of these things, so don't hesitate to ask the instructor for help. Arrive 10 minutes early to set up your Spin(r) bike and request orientation if you're new.
    • Are squash shoes different from tennis shoes?
      Excellent question. Yes. Tennis shoes are required for tennis and squash shoes for squash. Either is fine for racquetball. Black-soled and street shoes are not allowed on any of the courts, and goggles are mandatory for squash and racquetball. Kids under 14 must be supervised by an adult. Tennis, lacrosse, and other non-racquet sports are not permitted on the racquetball or squash courts. Please exit the court as soon as your time is up, so the next group may begin. Gum, food, and beverages are not allowed. And please refrain from loud and inappropriate language. These are very civilized sports.
    • May I reserve a court?
      Please do. If all the courts are reserved, you can ask to be placed on the standby list. Please check in at the front desk before going to the court. Reservations will be held for 10 minutes. Fees may apply or change without notice; ask your club for details.
    • What if someone besides a staffer offers me training or a service?
      Politely decline and please inform a club manager. Members or guests are prohibited from offering services or training, these services are provided exclusively by club personnel.
  5. Baby-sitting

    While you're working out, you want to know that your little one is safe and happy, that the child's environment is clean and healthy, and that when you return there are no surprises. So that's what we strive for.

    • How old does my child have to be for drop-off?
      Thanks to our staff being prepared and experienced, we welcome kids ages three months to ten years.
    • If I drop off my child, can someone else pick the child up?
      For strict security, all children must be signed in and out by the same parent or legal guardian showing proper photo ID. A driver's license is acceptable.
    • How long can my child stay in the playroom?
      Since it's only intended to be about the length of an average workout, the maximum is two hours per member or guest.
    • Can I leave the club after dropping my child off?
      Sorry, you must be in the club for your child's entire stay in the playroom.
    • Does the playroom ever fill up?
      Are Care Bears cuddly? Yes. Use of the playroom is subject to availability. For safety reasons, our staff may stop admitting children if the ratio of children to staff becomes too high.
    • What if my child's a little under the weather?
      Please, please keep ill kids home. Our staff has strict instructions not to admit any child who appears to be sick. Also, if they're home from school due to illness, please keep them home.
    • Can I bring someone else's child?
      In the interest of your child's safety, you may bring only your own children into the playroom. Also not allowed - someone who's just acting like a child.
    • Can my kid come barefoot?
      As a rule, footwear is required, but if your little one isn't walking yet, he or she is allowed to be barefoot. Exception to the rule: in certain areas of the playroom, footwear is prohibited. Please bring an extra set of shoes during inclement weather.
    • Should I leave the car seat in the car?
      If your child is under nine months of age, please drop him or her off in a car seat or stroller. Strollers must be stored away from playroom activity.
    • Do you have walkers?
      The situation varies from club to club, but most have walkers, highchairs, swings, and play mats for children under two years of age.
    • What items are not allowed?
      Anything that's potentially dangerous, including sharp or pointy objects; items small enough to choke on; glass items; plastic bags; and markers not provided by our staff. Any club or specific babysitting staff may change or expand this list at their discretion or require that anything they consider inappropriate or dangerous be removed.
    • Does the staff change diapers?
      Sorry, the baby-sitting staff is not permitted to change diapers. If a diaper change is necessary, you'll be paged. Children who are being potty-trained must wear training pants.
    • Are food and beverages allowed?
      Food and beverages are not permitted, except for beverages that are labeled and brought in non-spill containers.
    • What are the fees and hours?
      Playroom hours vary from club to club. The cost for baby-sitting is $10 per visit for up to two children. The cost will increase if you drop off more than two children. Babysitting service memberships, which allow you to drop off your children as many times as you desire for a flat monthly fee are also available. Ask your club for details. Gratuities are not accepted.
    • What if my kid is having a bad day?
      We appreciate that kids can be both terrible and magical. Obviously, positive behavior is encouraged, but if your kid earns a time-out we'll let you know. Our staff reserves the right to not admit or to remove any child behaving poorly. If a crying child cannot be consoled after a reasonable period, you'll be paged and, at the staff's discretion, possibly be asked to remove your child from the playroom.
  6. Pools

    Would you like that workout with a splash? A fitness membership is all you need to use our indoor pools. Standard restrictions apply - club access varies by membership type.

    • Indoor pools
      • Who can use the indoor pools?
        Members 16 and over can swim without a lifeguard on duty. With a lifeguard on duty, members 14 and over are welcome, but swimmers under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Exception to the rule: in states where lifeguard supervision is mandatory, the pool can't open without them. Do what the lifeguard says and nobody gets hurt.
      • Can I bring my kids to the pool?
        Many of our indoor pools offer Family Swim - typically, two hours on Sunday afternoons. It’s free for our club members along with up to two family guests per member. Please check the club schedule for specific hours.
      • Are there kids’ swim lessons?
        For fun and for safety, every kid should be able to swim. And there’s no better way to learn than with Sports Clubs for Kids. Our certified swimming instructors will teach your children (ages 6 months-14) to be confident, safe swimmers. A low student/teacher ratio ensures that each child receives focus and attention at every session. Kids are grouped according to age and ability. Check with your club for lesson availability and fees.
      • Are there adult swim lessons? How about aquatic fitness?
        It’s never too late to learn to swim (or at least float). Private lessons are available at most pool locations. But even if you never see yourself doing the butterfly, there’s plenty to do in the pool. Aquatic fitness classes offer a refreshing change from cardio and muscle conditioning, with minimal impact. Aquatic fitness classes are listed on the group exercise schedules.
      • Can I do laps?
        Rubber-capped, goggle-wearing lap swimmers, we salute you. For lap swimmers, a minimum of one lap lane is guaranteed in all pools at all times. Two or more lap lanes are available in our busiest clubs during peak hours. After 6:00 pm, two lanes are open for members in every pool. A maximum of four swimmers are allowed in each lane.
      • Life in the lap lane:
        • To enter a lane, tell the swimmers already in the lane that you will be joining them.
        • When choosing a lane to enter, try to pick a lane with swimmers closest to your ability.
        • If there are just two swimmers sharing a lane they can split the lane in half – each taking one side of the lane.
        • The circle-swim procedure will be in effect when more than two swimmers are in a lane. To circle-swim, stay to the right of your lane.
        • To pass another swimmer, tap his or her foot and pass on the left; if you're passing swimmers often, switch to a faster lane.
        • When no spots are available in any of the lanes a 20-minute time limit will be enforced.
    • Outdoor pools
      • Do you have outdoor pools?
        If it looks, sounds, and feels like a country club, it may be one of our outdoor pools. Outdoor pool memberships are separate from club memberships. They last from May to September.
    • Pool safety

      Sports Clubs is committed to providing a safe and secure environment at all our pools. As diving and swimming are potentially dangerous activities, we ask that all patrons observe the following rules and safety precautions while using the pool facilities.

    • General rules and precautions
      • Lifeguards reserve the right to restrict the pool use of patrons who are reckless or not showing appropriate caution in the pool area, as well as for swimmers who appear fatigued or are lacking basic swimming skills.
      • There is no substitute for adequate supervision. If no lifeguard is present, swimmers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (an adult who is responsible for the children and their behavior). If a lifeguard is present, 14 and 15 year olds are permitted.
      • No inflatable flotation devices of any kind are allowed including water wings, swimmies, tubes, rings, noodles, rafts, boats or mattresses. The one and only exception is Coast Guard approved personal floatation devices provided by us.
      • No rough horseplay, running, or standing on shoulders.
      • No glass containers in the pool area.
      • Diving is permitted only in diving wells.
      • Please observe all rules posted in pool areas.
      • Never swim alone. A minimum of two adults, 18 years of age or older - or a lifeguard - must be present whenever the swimming facility is in use.
      • In an emergency, notify a lifeguard or pool manager and contact help as soon as possible. Telephones are provided at pool facilities with emergency numbers posted.
      • Use pool facilities only during posted hours of operation.
    • Help us prevent pool contamination

      While we frequently test pool chemistry to maintain safe conditions, we ask patrons to assist us by stridently observing the following precautions:

      • Shower before swimming, and wash hands thoroughly after using the toilet facilities or changing diapers.
      • Infants and toddlers who are not potty-trained must wear a swim diaper and a swimsuit (or rubber pants).
      • Disposable diapers are not permitted in the pools.
      • Remove your child from the water every 30 minutes for a bathroom check and, for little ones, a diaper change. These are also good opportunities to evaluate your child's bathroom needs, level of fatigue, and sun or heat exposure.
      • Please change diapers only in bathrooms.
      • Refrain from using the pools if you have been sick in the past 14 days.
      • In the event that contamination of a pool is detected, the pool will be closed immediately. It will not be returned to service until safe conditions have been reestablished and any required tests have been satisfactorily completed.
    • Deep-water rules for children under 14

      Children under the age of 14 must pass a deep-water test in order to use diving boards or slides or to swim in water above the shoulders. The test consists of four activities, which must be completed without struggle:

      • Swimming 25 meters on the stomach
      • Swimming 25 meters on the back
      • Treading water for 90 seconds
      • Jumping off the diving board and swimming to the ladder
    • All children under 15 who pass the deep-water test must wear a swim band, which will be issued upon test completion.

    • Thunder and lightning

      In the event of thunder and lightning, the lifeguard will instruct patrons to evacuate the pools (including indoor pools with full glass enclosures). If lightning is in the area, the surrounding pool premises will also be cleared of people. The lifeguard will reopen the facility 20 minutes after the last-heard thunder or, in the case of lightning, 30 minutes after the last observed incident.

    • Lifeguards and pool staff

      All lifeguards are certified by the American Red Cross in Lifeguard Training and have a certification in CPR for the Professional Rescuer. Please respect the authority of all lifeguards and follow their directions in the event of an emergency. Their first priority is the safety and well being of all pool patrons.

      All pools are equipped with an automated external defibrillator (AED), which management and select staff are trained to use.

      All pools have a Certified Pool Operator on staff. Operational issues should be directed to the manager on duty.

      Sports Clubs management reserves the right to close any pool as necessary for cleaning, maintenance, or safety reasons.

  7. Kids’ programs

    Twenty-eight of our clubs offer Sports Clubs for Kids – fun, recreational, athletic programs for kids from tots to teens. These activities impart a lifelong affinity for fitness while the kids have a blast. It includes progressive development programs, as well as birthday parties, special events, sports leagues, and seasonal programs. The following are policies that apply to our many kids’ programs to ensure that everyone has a safe, fun experience.

    • How do I find out about classes?
      Go to the Sports Clubs for Kids section of the site, call 888.412.2231, or inquire at a club for classes and schedules.
    • Does Sports Clubs for Kids offer makeup sessions?
      Kids are full of surprises, so we try to be accommodating. Per session, we allow one unexcused makeup, depending on availability. A class must be missed before a makeup can be scheduled. Once a makeup is scheduled, it may not be rescheduled. Scheduling more than one makeup requires a doctor's note, which must be presented at the time of scheduling. All makeups must be scheduled within one week following the end of the session of the missed class.
    • What’s the refund/credit policy?
      All program sales are final, and there are no refunds. Credit is not given for missed classes, but students may have the option to make up a class, based on availability. Credit toward another Sports Clubs for Kids program will be given only for a physician-verified injury or illness or if Sports Clubs for Kids is notified of a change in plans at least one week prior to the start of a program session. There is a $5.00 charge per change. Program credit is valid only for Sports Clubs for Kids programs and must be used within six months following the date of issue.
    • What if the weather’s bad?
      Parents should call the facility one hour before the scheduled class time to inquire if a class is canceled. Makeups are offered for classes that are canceled due to inclement weather.
    • Are there firm rules for camp pickup and drop-off?

      Obviously, it's in everyone’s interest to closely adhere to any rules regarding child safety. Drop-off begins at 8:45 am. Full-day camp ends at 4:00 pm, so kids must be picked up by then. If you don't pick up your kid by 4:15 pm, you'll be charged the full amount for late pickup. Preregistration is required for early and late care. A parent/legal guardian must sign each child in/out of camp each day. Anyone other than a parent/legal guardian must be listed on the child's release and authorization form. In addition, such a person must present a permission slip as well as a driver's license. This allows us to verify that only an authorized person is picking up your child. No child will be released to any person if that person is not listed on the form mentioned above and/or if the person does not present proper ID. This applies to School's Out and Kids' Night Out programs as well. Additional permission slips are available upon request.

      No campers of any age are permitted to bike or walk to or from camp. If a child is being picked up early, a note should be presented that morning so the staff can have the child ready at the specified time. Regarding all other Sports Clubs for Kids activities: parents/guardians must accompany children to and from the programming area, and the parents/guardians must remain in the facility for the duration of the program.

    • Anything else I should know?
      For more information on policies concerning summer day camp, indoor hockey or soccer, swim lessons, Drop-in Programs, the Summer Camp Program, and other Sports Club for Kids programs please call 888.412.2231.
  8. Payments/refunds FAQ

    Let's talk money. Ultimately we rely on your satisfaction. So if ever a situation occurs where you feel there's been an error or something unfair has occurred, please contact us so we may address the matter quickly and thoroughly.

    • Can I freeze my membership?
      For any reason, you may put your membership on hold. Whether you are injured, need to be away, or prefer not to say, it doesn't matter. Freeze requests may be made at the club or through the Member Services area on this site. Membership freezes are for a minimum of one month, a maximum of 12 months, or any number of whole months in between. During this period you will not be billed your regular monthly dues and you may not use the club or any of its programs or services. Where permitted, you will be charged a fee of $15 for each month that you remain on hold. You will still be charged the rate lock/maintenance fee. Following the expiration of your inactive status, you will automatically be billed your regular monthly dues. Your commitment period will be extended by the amount of time your membership is on hold.
    • Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership?
      You certainly can. We love when you upgrade. And if for any reason you'd like to downgrade, we're happy to do that too. All you have to do is submit your request in writing and pay the additional fees and dues, if required. No refund of initiation fees will be made as a result of any such change. However, if appropriate, an increase or decrease in monthly dues will be made.
    • Is my membership transferable?
      Yes, your membership may be transferred to another person; provided, that person is not already a member and the person receiving the transferred membership qualifies for the type of membership to be transferred (e.g., student to student). Transfers can only be processed at the clubs. In addition, a transfer fee will be charged to the member requesting the transfer; currently this fee is $39.
    • How do I switch credit cards?
      It’s easy. Just notify your club of any changes in billing information, address, or telephone number, OR do it online through the Member Services area. Please keep your billing and contact information current to be sure you get all important notices.
    • Can I maintain/update my account info online?
      Yes. Go to Your first time you'll be asked to register and create a user name and password. From there you can freeze your membership, request a usage report, and update your billing and contact info.
    • If I miss a class can I get a refund or credit?
      All program sales are final. Also, there are no refunds or credits for missed classes.
    • What happens if classes, courts, or stations are unavailable?
      We try our best to have sufficient courts, classes, and stations. But especially during prime time, availability is first come, first served.
    • What if the weather is frightful?
      On occasion, we close because of severe weather (and reserve the right to do so at any time). So if the weather seems dicey, it’s wise to call before you come in. If you have training, massage, or anything else scheduled, call the club one hour ahead to inquire if it’s been canceled. Makeup classes are offered for those that are canceled due to inclement weather.
    • What about returning something I bought at the Pro Shop or Desk?
      A receipt dated within seven days is required for all returns and exchanges. Returns should be in like-new condition, with all materials in the original packaging. Refunds require a receipt and will be issued in the form of original payment.
    • Does writing a bad check make me a bad person?
      Not necessarily. But you will automatically be charged any bank fee imposed on any club, plus a processing fee of up to $15, for any returned payment item due to closed accounts, insufficient funds, etc.
    • Are the fees set in stone?
      Unfortunately, no. We reserve the right to adjust any fees for programs and services, anytime, at any club. Please check your local club for pricing information.
  9. Stuff that may never come up

    Here are some club no-nos. Most of them will seem like common sense, but omitting them would displease our legal counsel.

    • Can I use my cell phone? What if I have an important call?
      We understand that many of you cannot bear the thought of being separated from your cell phone or PDA. So you're welcome to use these devices in the lobbies, hallways, and stairwells of our clubs. Out of respect for your fellow members, and to avoid distractions that could lead to injuries on or around the equipment, we request that you do not use phones and PDAs in the fitness areas, group exercise studios, and locker rooms. Of course, if you receive an emergency call while exercising, step away from the equipment first, then pick up the phone and make your way to the nearest lobby, stairwell, or hallway.
    • Is photography allowed?
      To ensure the privacy and comfort of all members, we ask that you please refrain from taking pictures. Like Vegas, what happens here stays here.
    • Is there an age limit?
      Anyone 14 or older is welcome. Teens 14-17 need a parent or guardian to sign the membership agreement. Some clubs offer limited memberships for kids under 14. There's no age limit on the high end. We're talking to you, old barefoot water-skiing guy.
    • Do kids under 14 have full access?
      Sorry, kids. If you're under 14, you may not enter the cardio and strength training areas or the group exercise studio (unless you're enrolled in a specific club program or service). Also, check with your club for age requirements pertaining to racquet sports and swimming pools. Anyhoo, the thing more likely to interest you is Sports Clubs for Kids.
    • Do you mind if I smoke?
      Please, please, NO SMOKING. We are committed to the health of our employees and members (and anyone else who will listen). So smoking anything is prohibited everywhere on our premises, including the area immediately outside the front door. FYI, in New York nicotine patches and gum are free. Call 311.
    • Is it cool to bring a boom box?
      Sorry, not cool. Stereo equipment (with the exception of personal stereos using headphones) is prohibited.
    • What do I do with my bicycle?
      If you ride your bicycle to the gym, good for you for getting your cardio warm-up before you even enter the club. Just remember to bring a lock to secure your bike outside. Unfortunately, we have no space to safely store bicycles, mopeds, or recreational vehicles inside the clubs.
    • What infractions could get the Feds after me?
      The trademark rights in Town Sports International, any of the clubs, and/or the services or classes offered by clubs may not be used without prior permission and the services provided in the clubs are the property of the clubs.
    • And what might warrant the attention of local authorities?
      Sale or distribution of any controlled substance in any club is strictly prohibited. Use of controlled substances is also prohibited, unless prescribed by a physician. Illegal conduct or activities or any conduct deemed inappropriate is prohibited on any club premises. Members agree not to use any of our facilities to sell or solicit products or services without prior authorization.
    • Will my club be there forever and ever?
      As much as we'd like to see that, clubs will open, close, and change. We reserve the right to change our clubs, to eliminate some of their facilities and services, or to add others. We also have the right to change these rules and regulations at our discretion. Members will be notified of any changes by the posting of these rules and regulations at clubs and on our website.
  10. Age Requirements

    Any individual 14 years or older may join any Sports Clubs facility. Children under the age of 14 may not utilize the cardio and strength training areas, or the group exercise studios, unless enrolled in a Sports Clubs program or service. Select locations have a limited membership option available for children under 14 (all individuals 14-17 years old must have a parent or guardian sign a membership agreement). Check with your Club for age requirements pertaining to racquet sports and swimming pools. See also Playroom Policies in this section for additional options for children under 11.
  11. Cell Phone and Camera Use

    The use of cell phones in the cardiovascular and strength training areas, the group exercise studios, and the locker rooms is strictly prohibited. (Cameras and other image capturing devices are strictly prohibited in all areas of the facility.) You are welcome to use cell phones in our entrance and lobby areas.
  12. Gift Certificates

    Gift certificates may be purchased by members or guests in increments of five dollars. Gift certificates may be used towards the purchase of products, services, special programming or membership excluding Sports Clubs for Kids and Small Group Training. For a full list of items that can be purchased using gift certificates please contact one of our clubs.

    The gift certificate must be presented at the time of redemption. However, it does not have to be used in its entirety. The remaining amount will be available for future purchases.

    Gift certificate expiration dates differ from state to state. All gift certificate pouches must accompany the computer receipt print out to be valid. Although gift certificates are non-refundable, and cannot be redeemed for cash, they can be transferred to another individual. Gift certificates purchased in New York, New Jersey, District of Columbia, Virginia and Pennsylvania will expire if not used within 2 years from date of purchase; gift certificates purchased in Maryland will expire if not used within 4 years from date of purchase; gift certificates purchased in Massachusetts will expire if not used within 7 years from date of purchase, and gift certificates purchased in Connecticut and Rhode Island will not expire.

  13. Pro Shop/Desk Purchase

    • Locker rentals are nonrefundable and nontransferable.
    • Pro shop merchandise that has not been washed or worn may be exchanged within seven days of date of purchase.
  14. Smoke-Free Environment

    Sports Clubs is committed to the health of its employees and members. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Sports Clubs facilities and all enclosed or outdoor areas of the club, including the entrance area immediately outside the front door. This applies to all smoking tobacco products, i.e., cigarettes, cigars and pipes.

Whew. Well, if you made it this far, you clearly have enough commitment to make the most of a membership. Now step away from the computer and get to a club!