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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How do I activate my trial membership?
A. Simply stop by the club you selected online and meet with a membership consultant or manager. No appointment necessary.
  Locate the club’s contact number
Q. How long do I have to activate my trial membership.
A. Your trial membership must be activated within one week of purchase.
Q. Can I use multiple locations once my trial membership is activated?
A. Yes, provided that you purchased a $49.95 Passport membership. The $30 Core membership only allows access to a single club of your choosing.
  Locate our club locations.
Q. Do I have to use my trial membership for 30 days consecutively?
A. Yes. The pass cannot be broken down into shorter segments and must be used consecutively.
Q. Is my trial membership transferable?
A. No. Trial memberships can only be redeemed and used by the guest whose name appears on the pass.
Q. Are group exercise classes included in my 30-day trial membership?
A. Yes, non-fee programs and services are included in trial membership, as space allows. Class reservation rights are an exclusive benefit of full membership.*
  Find a club near you and see what classes and amenities it offers.
Q. Who do I contact if my pass is not emailed to me within 24 hours?
A. Please send an email to Member Services
  Return to 30 Days for $30 page.
  *Some services and amenities not available at all locations. Class reservation rights are an exclusive benefit of full membership.