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Join the Swim Academy now and have your child water-safe in time for summer. Our experienced instructors work one-on-one with students to ensure they receive the private training they need to become safe and confident swimmers. All levels and nonmembers are welcome.

New 8-week group swim session begins September 2.

Call or visit your nearest location to register. Space is limited.

Swim Academy classes

Water Babies (with parent)
ages 6 mo-18 mo | 30-minute class | ratio 12:1
Babies become more comfortable in the water while bonding with a parent. Bubble blowing, kicking and floating, familiar songs and acquainting parents with swim holds are all part of the fun.

Water Tots (with parent)
ages 18 mo-36 mo | 30-minute class | ratio 8:1
Tots learn swim skills in the secure arms of mom or dad. Circle time activities and songs make it fun as tots blow bubbles, kick and float. Confidence improves with the ability to separate from parent.

Preschool Swim
ages 3-5 | 30-minute class | ratio 4:1
First-timers or kids who are timid around water will feel safe and comfortable as they learn basic kicking, arm strokes, and submerging their faces. Safety rules, glides, freestyle arm stroke, backstroke and floating (supported by instructor) are covered.

Beginner Swim
ages 4-6 | 30-minute class | ratio 4:1
Ideal for swimmers with some experience but who could benefit from going over the basics. Students who can submerge their faces may take this class. Safety rules, unsupported glides/floating, rhythmic breathing, retrieving toys, 10-yard freestyle, 5-yard underwater swim, 5-yard freestyle with face in water, and elementary backstroke are covered.

Beginner Swim for Older Child
ages 6-10 | 30-minute class | ratio 4:1
Same as Beginner Swim (above) but designed for older children requiring the basics.

Advanced Beginner Swim
ages 6-8 | 30-minute class | ratio 4:1
Kids comfortable swimming 5-10 yards will learn how to coordinate stroke, kick and breathing techniques. Safety rules, rotary breathing, treading water for 60 seconds, breaststroke, endurance to swim 10 yards of freestyle with proper form, endurance to swim 10 yards of backstroke with proper form, and basic whip kick are covered.

Intermediate Swim
no age requirement, based on skill progression | 30-minute class | ratio 5:1
Kids able to swim half-lengths of the pool with good technique will learn more advanced skills such as bilateral breathing and the scissor kick. Safety skills, development of breaststroke, further development of freestyle and backstroke, introduction to dolphin kick, stroke coordination and endurance for 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke, and completion of four continuous, correct cycles of breaststroke are covered.

Advanced Intermediate
no age requirement, based on skill progression | 45-minute class | ratio 5:1
Students should be able to do the breaststroke and swim full lengths of the pool using proper freestyle and backstroke techniques to take this class. The focus is on advanced freestyle, back, breast, butterfly and side strokes. Endurance to swim laps for most of a 45-minute class, stroke coordination and endurance for 25 yards of various strokes are practiced.

Stroke and Turn
no age requirement, based on skill progression | 45-minute class | ratio 6:1
This class teaches advanced techniques and builds endurance for swim competition. Increased endurance, flip turns, backstroke count, 50-yard butterfly, 100-yard individual medley (freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke) stroke efficiency, increased speed, and ability to work off of a pace clock are covered.

Swim Team Conditioning
no age requirement, based on skill progression | 45-minute class | ratio 8:1
This class is structured like a swim team practice. It strengthens advanced techniques and builds endurance for competition. Competitive skills, development of stroke efficiency, speed and strength are the goals.

Private Swim Lessons
Private lessons allow students to learn to swim at their own pace. Available for beginner through competitive swimmers. Semi-private lessons also offered. Please note: Programs are available for ages 6 months-14 years. Classes are 30 minutes, except stroke and turn classes, which are 45. Price varies by length of session.

Please note: Programs are available for ages 6 months-14 years. Classes are 30 minutes, except stroke and turn classes, which last 45. Price varies by length of session.

Swim Academy locations (rates vary by club)

Select a swim lesson schedule from the below list of clubs.
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91st & 3rd Swim Schedule
Bayonne Swim Schedule
Butler Swim Schedule
Deer Park Swim Schedule
Dobbs Ferry Swim Schedule
East Brunswick Swim Schedule
Garnerville Swim Schedule
Hicksville Swim Schedule
Long Beach Swim Schedule
Morris Park Swim Schedule
Ramsey Swim Schedule
Somers Swim Schedule
Stamford - Commerce Road Swim Schedule
West Hartford Swim Schedule
White Plains City Center Swim Schedule
Franklin Swim Schedule
Lexington Swim Schedule
Lynnfield Swim Schedule
Newton Swim Schedule
Waltham Swim Schedule
Watertown Swim Schedule
Wellesley Swim Schedule
Wellington Circle Swim Schedule
Westborough Swim Schedule
Woburn Swim Schedule
Columbia Heights Swim Schedule
South Bethesda Swim Schedule
Highpoint Swim Schedule
Radnor Swim Schedule