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Learn the game or become a stronger player with our racquet sports programs. Teaching professionals at each racquet sports facility offer a variety of instructional formats and lesson options as well as organized competitive play. The programs generally available are outlined below, but check with the racquet sports pro at the club of your choice for details on programs offered at that location.

Adult Programs

Multi-Week Sessions
Our adult clinics are designed to improve your game through fast-paced drills and repetition, with a focus on correcting technique and footwork. Each class has a progressive curriculum, which will enhance your shot confidence, consistency and enjoyment of the game.

Drop-In Programs
Sports Clubs offers a wide variety of tennis drop-in clinics and programs for all skill levels.

  • Tennis Aerobics
  • Stroke Clinics
  • Drill Clinics
  • Instructional Clinics
  • Ball Machine Clinics
  • And others…

Instructional Round Robins

Sports Clubs’ Instructional Round Robin is designed for players looking to improve skills while concentrating on match play. Each class consists of instruction, stroke or strategy aimed at improving your game.

Junior Programs (ages 3–16)

Multi-Week Sessions

  • Tiny Tot: Ages 3–6. First-time students will learn a general understanding of tennis in a fun, easy to understand format. We will emphasize hand-eye coordination to prepare the younger player for any ball sport through fun drills and games.
  • Munchkins: Ages 6–7. Kids will be introduced to tennis strokes and vocabulary in an easy and fun format.
  • Racqueteers: Ages 7–8. Basic drills and greater emphasis on tennis stroke production is taught. The goal of this program is to provide preparation for Advanced Beginner Tennis.
  • Beginner: Ages 8–16. No previous tennis instruction is necessary, as students will be introduced to tennis vocabulary, grips, basic strokes and footwork. Classes include drills and games designed to develop skills.
  • Advanced Beginner: Ages 8–16. Designed for the player with some consistency and or control on both forehand and backhand shots, the continental grip is introduced for volleys and serves at this level. Players are beginning to rally with each other.
  • Intermediate: Ages 9–16. Players will work on developing constancy and directional control on moderate shots. Instruction at this level is designed to provide training in footwork, topspin, net play, court coverage, and singles and doubles strategy.
  • Advanced Intermediate/Tournament: Ages 9–16. Emphasis on the mastery of topspin, underspin and the use of the continental grip is the focus of this program. Students will work on basic singles and doubles strategy, teamwork and begin participating in competitive situations such as age-appropriate tournaments.
  • Advanced Tournament Player: Ages vary. This program is designed for our juniors who are playing USTA tournaments, and high school varsity. Groundstrokes should be consistent and the continental grip must be used for serves, volleys and overheads.

School’s Out Program
We offer full- and half-day racquet sports programs when school is out. This is a great option for working parents or families that are looking for a special day of fun and activities for their children.

Summer Camps and Programs

  • Tennis Camp: Ages vary. Our tennis camps are designed to expose players to a complete tennis experience. We create a positive and supportive learning environment where campers are encouraged to work hard while improving their own unique abilities. The camp is structured to allow campers to get plenty of quality learning, practice and play time.
  • Tennis and Swim Program: Program is offered as a half-day schedule for ages 3–5 and a full-day schedule for ages 5–12. We provide exciting and innovative summer programs designed to improve your child’s tennis and swim skills no matter their age or ability. Whether your child is a complete beginner, advanced beginner or intermediate, our programs provide a safe, social and fun environment for your children to enjoy and learn
  • Squash Camp: Ages vary. Our Squash Camps are designed for participants to improve their squash game, keep in shape and have fun. Participants will experience one week of intensive coaching and playing.