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Bring your fitness routine full circle with Sports Clubs’ mind and body offerings. We now know the importance of mind and body work within a comprehensive fitness routine. Sports Clubs is proud to offer a full range of Pilates and yoga classes for all levels.

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Astanga Yoga:
A fast-paced series of six sequential postures, which increase in difficulty, allowing students to work at their own pace.
Budokon Workout:
A physical practice that draws upon ancient and modern yogic and martial arts styles, including Iyengar and Astanga yoga. The workout incorporates elements of agility, control, speed, power, balance and flow to create focus and flow of the body and mind.
Club Yoga:
Ideal for those seeking a more fitness-based version of yoga. Based on vinyasa style, this total mind and body workout improves functional strength, flexibility, muscle balance and relaxation. Multi-level options make it suitable for all fitness levels.
Hatha Yoga:
This form of yoga incorporates an eclectic blend of two or more yoga styles, while focusing on posture and breathing. Most of the poses are seated and held longer than usual. Along with promoting relaxation it develops muscular strength, suppleness and flexibility.
Iyengar Yoga:
This class focuses on the subtleties of each posture. Postures are held much longer so that students can focus on their precise muscular and skeletal alignment.
Kundalini Yoga:
The practice of kundalini yoga incorporates postures, dynamic breathing techniques, chanting and meditating on mantras. Students concentrate on awakening the energy at the base of the spine and drawing it upward through each of the seven chakras.
This class employs relaxation and concentration techniques to enhance mind and body awareness and mental focus.
Pilates Based-Abs:
Class that targets the core muscles of the abdominals and lower back using exercises based on Pilates principles.
Pilates-Based Mat:
Developed over seventy years ago by Joseph H. Pilates, the focus of this discipline is to strengthen and stretch the abdomen and torso by solely using the body. Technique involves proper breathing and control over various muscles.
Power Yoga:
A total mind-body workout that features cardiovascular conditioning, functional strength, flexibility, muscle balancing, and relaxation and is taught in a flowing format. It is a modern, simple, systematic approach to yoga, and does not adhere to a particular philosophy, religion, or type of meditation. Power yoga is taught at an intermediate to advance level, in a 55-minute class format. The only equipment used is a mat.
Vinyasa Yoga:
A vigorous and dynamic style of yoga with special attention paid to linking breathing with movement. There is an emphasis on standing postures.
Yoga Basics:
A 55-minute yoga class to help participants develop a safe and effective yoga experience.
Yoga Sculpt:
A workout with all the elements of a traditional total body conditioning class combined with the basic elements of a fitness yoga practice. Participants experience all of the benefits of traditional strength training, along with the added benefits of flexibility, improved muscle tone and core strength.