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Circuit and Sports-Specific Training

Circuit training workouts are designed to improve athletic performance through cardiovascular conditioning, strength training exercises and sports-specific drills.

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Boot Camp:    An aggressive, military-style, circuit workout featuring high-intensity conditioning and power moves.

Cardio Cross-Training:    A step workout that is followed by multi-impact aerobics, making this class two workouts in one.

Cardio Rope Circuit:    A high-energy circuit training class that uses jump ropes, the step and free weights.

Cardio Sports Training:    A traditional low-impact class with running drills, boxing techniques and plyometrics.

Club Body Circuit:    This class allows participants to experience strength and cardio exercises in a fun classroom setting. You will learn how to design and implement total body circuits in a dynamic group environment. There will be an emphasis on cirucit training principles and exercise selection, particularly how to progress movements to accomodate for a wide variety of participants.

Jump I.T. :    Intervals of jump rope are combined with cardiovascular and strength training for a complete circuit workout.

Pre-Season Sports Conditioning:    The training programs of professional football, baseball and basketball teams are highlighted in this class. Includes various drills, agility work and plyometrics utilizing equipment such as agility ladders, cones and jump ropes.

Rebounding:    This cardiovascular class utilizes a mini-trampoline.

Sports Circuit:    This class consists of resistance training, cardiovascular work and sports-specific drills.

Sports Conditioning:    This athletically-based class incorporates interval training and sports conditioning moves to enhance overall strength and aerobic conditioning.