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Cardio Conditioning

Cardiovascular workouts improve the efficiency of your heart, lungs, and circulatory system through continuous effort that elevates the heart rate. The sustained movement is also great for burning calories and increasing endurance.

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Cardio Sculpt:    Creative and Fun workout alternating between cardio drills and strength training intervals. This overall body training session is designed to burn the maximum amount of calories.

Cardio Walk :    A vigorous outdoor cardiovascular class that uses progressive walking techniques followed by strength exercises.

Diary of Step:    A step workout that is centered around dance, incorporating new and exciting elements of motivation. An advanced step workout that leaves you looking at step with new possibilities.

Direct Step :    This class is a vigorous, yet straightforward step class with easy-to-follow choreography.

Double Step :    Try this challenging workout that uses two steps instead of one to allow for new combinations.

Hi-Lo Retro:    An "old school" hi-low impact aerobics class with your favorite music and moves from the '80s. Legwarmers are optional, sweating while having fun is required.

Jersey Core:    Here’s the situation: this hybrid workout is not your standard abs class. To get hot tub-ready abs, you need to mix core conditioning work (planks, med ball crunches, roll ups) with sport-specific cardio drills like sprints, speed skaters and ladder drills. This approach burns fat and calories so you see and feel more “six-pack” results. All levels of ladies and broskis welcome.

Low-Impact:    Aerobic routines designed to reduce stress on knees and back.

Multi-Impact:    A workout combining high- and low-impact moves, which are modified to either increase intensity or reduce impact.

Power Low:    A workout that incorporates plyometric moves with low-impact routines.

Power Step :    A high-intensity step class featuring leaps, jumps, running and other propulsive moves to increase intensity.

Step:    A low-impact workout using adjustable step platforms.

Step & Sculpt :    A two-part class featuring a step workout followed by muscle conditioning to shape and define the body.

Step Basics:    For novice steppers, new members, and anyone who prefers a moderate workout.

Step Circuit:    This class alternates step choreography with strength training exercises for a total body workout.

Step Interval:    This class alternates intervals of step training with multi-impact aerobics.

Total Body Conditioning:    This workout uses weights and/or bodybars to promote muscular endurance, flexibility and body alignment.

Ultimate Step :    A highly-choreographed step class designed for the advanced stepper.

UXF Burn:   

A cross-training workout that ignites your metabolism to burn calories, calories and more calories. Interval strength and cardio training are used to improve flexibility, agility, strength and endurance.

A 45 min class burns 350 – 500 calories, and a 55 minute class burns 450 – 600 calories.

UXF-Intro:    This introductory class will familiarize you with the UXF® Training Zone and its array of innovative functional training equipment. As you progress through a high-intensity circuit workout, you'll learn how to use the Zone's stations in addition to getting a taste of our UXF® Ripped cross-training class.