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  1. When do my monthly dues get charged?

    Ninety-five percent of our members are set up to automatically charge their monthly dues to a credit card or checking account. We call these members’ accounts "EFT" for Electronic Fund Transfers. (The other 5% have paid for 12 months or more of dues in advance.) We charge our EFT accounts on the first day of every month.

  2. How can I reach the Member Services Department?

    There are three convenient ways to reach our Member Services Department:

    • Fill out and submit our online form.
    • Call us toll free at 877.258.2311 (877-CLUB-311)
    • Fax us at 215.565.2692
  3. Why might I see my standard monthly dues charge increase by $9.00 for one or more months?

    Sports Clubs makes every effort to collect your monthly dues on the first of the month. Occasionally, however, your bank might deny the charge for a variety of reasons: insufficient funds in the account, credit card expired, over your limit, etc. In this case, we will wait a couple of business days and try again to collect the monthly dues. If we are still unsuccessful, we will try a third and final time to collect the dues. Regardless of whether we are successful on the third try, we will add $9.00 to your next month's balance to cover the processing fees of making three attempts to collect your monthly dues. (It's similar to a fee for a returned check.) In this case, the $9.00 "Resubmit Fee" will be tacked on to your monthly dues in the following month.

    As long as your bank does not deny your monthly charge, you will not be charged the $9.00 Resubmit Fee. Further, we will not levy the Resubmit Fee for lost or stolen credit cards.

  4. I'm going away for the rest of the summer. Can I suspend my membership or should I just cancel?

    Sports Clubs offers its members the ability to temporarily suspend, or "freeze," their memberships when they know in advance that they will not be using any of the clubs. During the freeze period, members pay a monthly maintenance fee of $15.00 in lieu of their standard dues. A membership can be placed on freeze for a minimum of one month, a maximum of 12 months, or any number of whole months in between. During the freeze period, members will be charged $15.00 per month and are not permitted to use any Sports Clubs, including any programs or services offered by the Clubs.

  5. When I get a new debit or credit card do I have to update my payment method to the Sports Clubs even though the account number is the same?

    Yes, banks and credit card providers periodically update and/or send you a new card with an updated expiration date. It is imperative to update your payment method with the Sports Clubs even if the only change is the expiration date. Banks and credit card providers are being ever so cautious and more diligent in providing the utmost security for their clients to fight fraudulent charges. Sports Clubs can get denied payment if your billing information is not up-to-date and accurate. Again, even if the expiration date is the only change, in order to avoid the $9.00 resubmit fee you will need to update your payment information as soon as you receive your new payment information.

  6. How can I find my barcode number?

    Every Sports Clubs member is issued a membership card in the form of a key tag. This key tag is used by our staff as a swipe card to allow easy entry into our clubs. On the back ouf your membership key tag is your barcode number that is unique to your membership account. When prompted, please enter the 10-digit number found on the back of your membership key tag. Please do not enter the leading or trailing pound sign (#).