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1-Week Guest Pass

Whether you’re a first-timer or looking for a first-class gym, our Sports Clubs are expertly designed and professionally staffed to make sure you get in the best shape of your life. Innovative exercise programs, first-class facilities and outstanding customer service are what have made us a health and fitness leader since 1974.

Make your fitness goals a reality.

Are you looking to set a new personal best in the 10K? Lower your cholesterol? Fit into your skinny jeans? Our goal is to help you make it happen. Our team of fitness professionals is standing by ready to offer their motivation, guidance and support -- whatever it takes to help you succeed.

We’re Flexible

We offer flexible membership options that work with any schedule and budget. You can even test drive our clubs for one week using our FREE Guest Pass.

More than 150 locations featuring first-class programs and services

We’re committed to improving lives through exercise and that means we’re committed to you. By delivering fresh and innovative programs, first-class facilities and exceptional customer service, we want to put the benefits of exercise within easy reach of our members. Whether you are 18 or 87, we’ll be there to help you live your longest, happiest, healthiest life.