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Benefits of Working out with your Partner

Combining quality time with your partner and working out together not only benefits your health, but also your love life. We all have busy schedules, daily responsibilities and duties that keep us from spending more time together, but exercising with your partner ensures time to bond, relieve stress, and even renew a lackluster relationship.

Exercise releases endorphins that can help partners feel more connected, happy and excited. Studies show, couples that worked out just one hour, three times a week had improved sexual appetite, more affection and greater relationship satisfaction.

Body image, even in solid, committed relationships can sometimes lead to low self- esteem and embarrassment. But sharing time at the gym will increase confidence and positive feelings through building strength, losing body fat and gaining cardiovascular endurance.

Other benefits of working out as a couple include:

Motivation and Support: Having a built-in support system is half the battle of getting to the gym. Have someone to be accountable to, is motivating when you’d much rather lounge in front of the TV. Even if the two of you are on different fitness levels, working out side by side can push you longer and harder than if you were at the gym alone.

Balance: It’s important to incorporate balance into your life on as many levels as possible. With exercise, if one of you enjoys cardio and the other strength work or yoga, you can share and introduce each other to new activities. You may find a new workout is all you need to jumpstart your body and in turn, your relationship.

Respect: Taking care of your body and health shows your partner you care about yourself and you want to be the best for them. It also shows you want to be around for a long time to come.

Starting a workout program may be a challenge, especially if you are both at different fitness levels. Here are a few ideas that may help get you motivated:

Sign up for a class together: Workout together, at your own pace. An instructor will modify moves for all fitness levels and you can work as hard as your level allows. Try something new and experience an activity together for the first time. Boxing, yoga and spinning are just a few suggestions. Check your clubs Group Fitness schedule for more suggestions.

Cardio machines: These are great for couples to workout side by side. Work at your own intensity, speed or incline while spending time together and working towards your individual goals.

Stretching: Doing this side by side or assisting in stretches is a nice way to bond while cooling down and increasing your flexibility.

Jogging Outside: If one of you is faster than the other, do intervals to catch up or slow down. Pushing a little harder will increase health benefits and will soon have you both at the same pace.

Have fun, build a stronger relationship, learn new activities, and release stress all while getting healthy and fit.