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39 Years Strong
BODYPUMP™ total-body workout from Les Mills
Group Exercise Classes


Group Exercise Classes offer a fun and challenging alternative to regular weight and treadmill routines.

There are over 100 different high-energy classes to motivate you toward your fitness goals.
Each week we will spotlight a different theme:
Gain strength, endurance, and confidence as you pedal your way to peak cardio conditioning.
Benefits include:

  • Burns 300-400 calories 
  • Increases endurance 
  • Promotes weight loss when paired with a healthy diet 

Mind & Body
Yoga and Pilates can help you develop a greater sense of body awareness and mental focus.
Benefits include:

  • Increased flexibility and focus 
  • Decreased stress 
  • Improved posture and muscle tone

Learn resistance-training techniques while improving muscular strength and endurance with circuit training.
Benefits include:

  • Prevents the loss of bone mass 
  • Improves balance and flexibility 
  • Increases metabolism

Circuit training improves muscular strength and endurance, develops muscle definition and increases lean muscle mass.
Benefits include:

  • Burns a high percentage of fat calories 
  • Promotes weight loss 
  • Improves muscle tone

Check out a club near you to find out the theme of the week.