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Small Group Training - Pilates Tower: So you’ve mastered the reformer and the ring? Now try the tower.

So you’ve mastered the reformer and the ring? Now try the tower. The Pilates Tower workout adds another level of challenge and development to your Pilates workouts. The tower is used in conjunction with the reformer. Its springs, bars and loops add more exercise variations and allow the user to have a greater sense of whether he or she is stabilizing and moving with proper integrity and control. Participants in this program should have Pilates mat and/or reformer experience. Two program levels are offered.

Level 1: Foundation

Using the Pilates tower, you will:

  • Use springs for added resistance.
  • Increase stabilization and flexibility.
  • Challenge your core using the push thru and roll down bars.
  • Instantly feel if you are stabilizing and moving with proper alignment and control.

Prerequisite: Pilates Mat experience and/or Pilates Reformer Technique Level 1.

Level 2: Advanced

For the Pilates extremist, you will:

  • Continue to challenge yourself on the tower.
  • See and feel your muscles grow longer and stronger.

Prerequisite: Pilates Reformer Technique Level 2 or 3.

Offered at the Following Locations


23rd & Park
48th & 6th - Rockefeller Center
East Brunswick II
Greenwich Financial Center
Hoboken North
Stamford - Commerce Road