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Birthday Parties

Birthday Blowouts

High-Energy Parties. Kids Sweat. Parents Don’t.

Find the club nearest you.

Throw a high-energy bash without breaking a sweat. More than just parties, our events are action-packed so the guest of honor and their pals get to do what they do best – run around, get excited and have a blast. Whether your children are big swimmers, sports fans, or enjoy groovin’ to the latest tunes, we have a party package that’s right for you. Book your party at the Sports Clubs for Kids desk today!

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Party details
All programs are offered separately or in combination, run 90 minutes and can accommodate 16+ guests, with an extra charge for each additional guest. No charge for the guest of honor. Included are invitations, a private space, tables and chairs, a 45-minute activity, and a coordinator for the length of your party and cleanup. Not all programs available at all locations.

Party Room
Sport/Main Activity
1 birthday guest and 15 guests
Party Coordinators
Theme (optional)  
Decorations (balloons, tablecloth)  
Goodie bags  
Happy Birthday banner    
Tableware (cups, plates, utensils, napkins)    
Food & Drinks    

Bring a group. Leave with a team.
Make your next group outing more rewarding with a customized event. Whether it’s a scout program, school field trip, day care outing, bat/bar mitzvah or birthday party, our staff will assist you in selecting activities that build team spirit and develop skills.

Choose from these fun parties*

Gymtastics for parents and tots (ages 1–2)
Jump, tumble and swing in a party that helps you bond with your tot. You’ll both be entertained with gymnastics, music, tunnels, games and lots more.

Gymtastics Jam (ages 3–12)
Kids tumble, flip over obstacles, bounce on the TumblTrak® and dangle from bars in this energizing gymnastics party.

All-Star Sports (ages 3–15)
This event features one or two of your child’s favorite sports. Pick from soccer, basketball, T-ball, floor hockey and flag football. Kick your party up a notch by adding games and relays. It’s a winning pick for girls and boys.

Game Mania (ages 3–15)
It’s our greatest-hits package—a mix of our best games and relays including our newest game, Action ball. Participants run and weave their way through obstacles to score goals. This high-energy event is a proven crowd pleaser.

Kickboxing Kraze (ages 6–12)
Boxing, kickboxing and various martial arts blend as kids bob and weave in this high-kicking bash.

Basketball (ages 6–15)
We lead relays and games that allow kids to dribble, jump, shoot, dunk, fake, pass and score in this b-ball blowout.

Dance (ages 6–15)
Be a pop star for the day! Whether you’re into Zumba, pop or hip hop, your birthday guests will have a blast movin’ and shakin’ as they learn the newest dance moves from their favorite artists’ videos. The routines are age-appropriate and can be modified to the group’s skill level. Paparazzi - we mean Parents, bring your cameras!

Swim Parties (ages 4 and older)
You can have a free swim or we can organize games—either way it’s good, wet fun. Noodles, kick-boards and pool toys are included. Adults must accompany kids four and younger in the water. Swim parties run two hours, allowing 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after for changing.

Laser Tag Parties (ages 6 and older)
Zap you’re it! Our laser studio features obstacles, places to take cover and current technology. Available daily at NYSC West Nyack, PSC Highpoint and BSC Wellesley. For information and reservations, please call the specific club.

Virtual Spin Voyages (ages 8–15)
Stationary bikes transform into imaginary vehicles of exploration in this theatrical, pop music, virtual reality video experience. Whether it's a rock concert, an adventure movie or a roller coaster ride, participants are in for an amazing trip. Kids must be approximately 4’8” with a minimum leg inseam of 28”.

*Party activities vary by club.